Tired of products that might make your family sick? The PureBond Hardwood plywood that we use is comprised of no added formaldehyde components and assembled with no added formaldehyde adhesives. The clear, acrylic top coat on this material is UV cured, VOC free and very durable. We use only EVA and PVA glues in our shop while our hand applied finishes for everything else are also zero VOC. We make products that are safer for your whole family and a must-have for those with chemical sensitivities. Case Green Cabinetry uses Rubio Monocoat Oil finish on our products. This ensures 0% VOCs and durable, long lasting protection with their proprietary molecular bonding technology. Rubio Monocoat does not contain any water or solvents and is based on natural ingredients, meaning it is safe for our team to use and equally safe for your environment.

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